Saturday, May 19, 2007

Great review for Pretend I'm Yours!

I received my second review for my Colonial, PRETEND I'M YOURS, and I thought I'd share it on my blog. Romance Junkies gave my story 4.5 Blue Ribbons.

Mercedes Maxwell is a charming woman who has led a quiet life since the passing of her husband and father. Until one night she gets a call from the insane asylum that her twin sister has been admitted. She vows to take revenge on her sister’s husband. She sets sail for America and intends to extract as much coin as she can from William to pay for her sister’s care. What she did not plan on was the intense ardor that William elicits from her and the horrible guilt that is eating at her heart for a secret that she harbors. Will Mercedes be able to deny the passion and love that is blossoming in her chest for William? Or will her need for revenge cause her to walk away with a broken heart?

William Braxton is a successful business owner who uses his wealth secretly to help fund the Sons of Liberty. He feels very passionately for the group that has vowed to rid Philadelphia of the British tyranny. However, his biggest threat to his family is the cruel woman he has married. He thought his wish had come true when his wife disappeared, only to have her reappear as a different woman. Although he still does not trust her, he finds it more difficult to keep his heart closed to the woman she has changed into. Will William fall head over heels for his wife, only to learn that she is not the person he thought she had become? Or will he discover the truth about her betrayal before it is too late for him and his children?

Within the pages of PRETEND I’M YOURS, you will be pulled into a world of betrayal, treachery, mystery and a love triangle that will have you turning the pages swiftly to learn how it will all play out. Ms. Campbell writes a rich historical with delightful characters woven into a fascinating plot. Just when you think you have the perpetrator figured out, Ms. Campbell throws another twist into the plot.

Mercedes and William are remarkable characters that you cannot help but cheer for throughout this mysterious tale. Mercedes is a delightful woman who is torn between family and a man she has fallen in love with. She is strong, sassy and cares very deeply for people. William is a sexy hero who loves his children very much and believes whole-heartedly in his cause. The romance that shines through Mercedes and William is breath-taking and will leave your heart fluttering from the intensity of it.

PRETEND I’M YOURS is another award-winning tale penned by a talented author. I look forward to reading more of Phyllis Campbell’s marvelous tales.

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