Friday, May 16, 2008

A very sad day!

For those of you who are Moonlight fans, you're mourning with me. Moonlight was cancelled! UGH! The horror of it all. What's wrong with CBS anyway?

The reason this has affected me so much is because I'm usually not a tv watcher. I can't remember the last time I fell in love with a tv series and HAD to watch it every week without fail. When Moonlight first started, I had several online friends tell me how good it was. I'm part of a paranormal Yahoo Group too, and they said I had to watch it. By episode three, I decided to watch it. WOW!!! It was great. It hooked me immediately. Of course, it didn't hurt that Alex O'Laughlin who plays Mick St. John (the vampire) is gorgeous!!!! But I fell completely in love with him...ummm...I mean, the tv series. I watched every Youtube video that was made with him in it. I joined two Moonlight Yahoo Groups because I wanted to talk to other people who was obsessed as I was.

This Friday will be the season finale show...and now we know it'll be the LAST show. I almost don't want to watch it because it's going to leave me hanging - for nothing. Grrrrr. I'm pissed! How could CBS do this to me?

I'll be in mourning for several months. This is seriously going to affect my writing, too. He was my inspiration!!! AUGH!!!


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Donica Covey said...


I was actually going to blog about this miscarriage of network justice. HOW DARE THEY TAKE AWAY OUR MICK?!?!?!?!?!?

They are shaking up the line up and I honestly Think CBS sucks...pun not intended

They're moving nights, cancelling decent shows--like Shark as well as our Moonlight and they're adding shows that demonstrate a decided lack in creativity.

At least with the two aforementioned shows it was an original idea.

NCIS--THEY'RE GETTING RID OF THE TEAM! Yet another score for a suck-ass network.

I'm going to have to become an NBC or ABC viewer. And I've been a loyal CBS since we were kids.

I used to watch CBS EVERY night of the week. Now that they've removed my shows and switched up nights I'm just going to have to say farewell to all my shows.

Me? Obsessive? Now way. I'm of hte mindset you take away from me, I take away from you.