Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've been TAGGED

Celia Yearny, a wonderful author friend who has a new release out called All My Hopes and Dreams just tagged me. She came to a book signing we had in San Marcus and was our number one promoter and this before her book was out. What a doll.

Anyway, I'm supposed to list six things that make me happy. Geez, that shouldn't be too hard. I'm always happy, well most always.

My six things: 1. My hubby. He's the most wonderful man and buys me flowers all the time just because. Gotta love that.
2. My two children, both in college and both loving to try my patience, but watching them grow has been one of my greatest joys.
3. Dancing two-step at the Hall of Fame on Thursday night.
4. Chocolate. I confess, I'm addicted.
5. Writing yummy heroes and complicated plots.
6. Going on interviews for a local magazine and discovering all sorts of fun folks.

So now I get to tag six more folks:

Candace Morehouse
Big Mike Davis
Regan Taylor
Kim Lenox
Sharon Cullen
Rebecca Savage

Rules: Link to the person who tagged you ( down six things that make you happy. Post these rules. Tag six others. Notify me that you've tagged six others--or not.


Sharon Cullen said...

Yay, I was tagged! You'll find the 6 things that make me happy on my blog:

Thanks, Ciara.

Ciara Gold said...

Thanks bunches, Sharon. I posted a comment. Great list, btw.