Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best Review EVER

Celestial Dragon was my first published book and came out in June of 2006. Two and a half years old and it's still generating awesome comments and reviews but this one is special. Why? First because it was unsolicited and second because he obviously enjoyed the book very much. Check out the for the complete review. In the meantime, enjoy a brief snippet from Trevas:

"I’ve read and reviewed some books from big name authors in the past couple months. If you read through my reviews, I’ve posted my thoughts on books from the likes of Terry Brooks, George R.R. Martin, and Mercedes Lackey. Here’s the thing though - Ciara Gold’s Celestial Dragon blows all of them away as far as reading enjoyment is concerned.

From the second page on I was hooked. I was drawn into the story, and not only was I prompted to read the book through in one sitting (as an avid read I do often do that if I find a good book), I also bought the next book in the series the next day. Really, the only thing that disappointed me is that there isn’t yet a third and fourth book in the series!"

I confess, this is a duplicate post to another blog I'm on. What can I say? I was just thrilled with this review.

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Big Mike said...

You deserve it GG. I've read the book and review. Could not put it down till I finished.

Michael Davis