Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Managing Time?

(Disclaimer, I confess to posting this on another blog also, but still, it really makes me think)

I always complain during the school year that I have no time, but I have come to realize that maybe that's not true. I manage my time better during the school year and get more accomplished than when I have the time I crave. Ya, I feel like I've piddled this summer away.

Egads, I start back to regular work in a week and a half. OMG, have I accomplished what I wanted. Well - no. I accomplished more than I give myself credit for but still. I think when you have more time, you tend to procrastinate more. When you have a full schedule, there's no room for internet solitaire, lunch with buddies or watching TV.

Okay, so what did I accomplish while off for the summer:

1. 9 days in Paris (that was a biggy and food for all sorts of plot ideas)
2. 25,000 words on my sequel to Celestial Dragon (my goal was to finish it. I'm at 35,000 words now with about 35,000 more to write. I don't see it getting finished by the time I return to work)
3. 60,000 words of rewrites on the Viking Time Travel (it was already completely written at 100,000. It just needs a LOT of work)
4. Queried the Viking TT - I'll let you know in about 2 weeks if it's a go or if I have to shop it around.
5. Edited about 10 stories for the community magazine and wrote 3.
6. Painted 15 megaphones with tigers
7. Attended a day conference for school
8. worked about 80 hours on a project for school.

So maybe I did more than I thought but still, for every hour I worked, I piddled away twice that many or I'd have finished that sci-fi by now. Drats!

Anyone else procrastinate when you have more time to kill?


Nicole Gestalt said...

I so understand where you are coming from with this! I do all the time, although I also find that even if I'm working flat out I still don't feel I've accomplished enough sometimes.

Looking at what you've done however you should give yourself a cup of hot chocolate with cream and a relax - you've done loads!

I loved the Paris photos. I've got a wip that is set in Paris but its not somewhere I can afford to get to right now *sighs*

But yes procrastination is always a problem. I think when you have more time you feel you don't need to hurry because you have more time.... you see where this is going ;)

Ciara Gold said...

Hi Nicole, so good to see someone else understand where I was coming from, not that I'm happy you have the same problem. I don't wish this on anyone, but then, maybe it's a universal problem.

Let me know if you need insight on Paris. It's all a blur now, but I still have some great maps.