Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My favorite day in Paris - Chateau hopping

This was a special day. For a little extra, the tour took us to two chateaus, Chenonceau and Chambord. I loved them both but I think of the two, Chambord was my fave. The first picture is one of Chenonceau. The bus took us to Chenonceau first which is close to Tours, France, and west of Paris. The two-hour drive was very pretty and we saw a variety of countryside. Certain parts reminded me of the drive through West Texas through Amarillo. My German neighbors are so funny. They were very insistent that France has no castles. Yep, they're called chateaus but they sure look like castles to me. Both buildings were massive and the grounds beautifully sculpted.

Though a bit dark these pictures are of the kitchen. Yep, I took lots of the kitchen but what can I say. I was snapping them from a writer's perspective. Notice the fancy pulley system they had for turning the spit. There was a weight hanging outside the window to keep it in place.

Next we went to Chambord. After a wonderful lunch at Chenonceau of course. Chambord had this stairway that was a double helix. Fascinating. And almost all of these buildings had either painted ceilings or vaulted ceilings. I'm even going to include a photo of the "hunting" room with the largest deer blind I've ever seen.

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