Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ever want to see your name in a book?

Have you read dedications in novels and thought "gee, that would be so kewl to see my name there"? or read a character and know their name and some of their personality traits were based on you?

Well now is your chance!

My current work in process is my very first fantasy and I'm stumped. I need to create some fictional creatures but the ones I have so far are based on myths. You know, vampires, werewolves, that sort of thing. I need some creatures that can be villians but the criteria are: there must be a specific way to kill them (i.e. stake through vampire heart, silver bullet werewolf etc.) They need to have some nasty personal habits, (blood suckers, tazor sharp clawa they love to slash victims with). I have looked up mythological creatures and have found a few, but none that completely work for me. So I want you to come up with an obscure legend, a myth, or even pull something out of the air! And if you can't name it, as long as I have a character I can find a name. The best entry will see their name in the dedication AND I will name a character (good or evil if you prefer) in my book after you. I want all entries sent to In the entry put your name, email addy, your creatures description and the name of the creature. In my novel creatures that have already been used are: Dragons, Unicorns, Windigos, men eating plants, flesh eating rats, mannanggallas, so anything else is pretty much fair game!

I hope there will be a ton of entries! Thanks y'all!

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