Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We didn't disappear!

It may seem like a long while since anyone has posted on this blog but be assured we're all still alive and kicking! Each Maven has been busy writing their next great masterpiece, promoting all their currently available works and enjoying contest nomination announcements.

There have been no results entered at this time for the EcataRomance Reader's Choice awards. And in Predators and editors poll the standings were not as wonderful as we'd imagined, but being nominated is always an honor!

The standings for the Predators/Editors Poll was:

Romance Category:
Celestial Dragon by Ciara Gold made it to Number 17
The B*E*A*S*T Within reached number 24

Short Story Romance:
Dear Micah was 21

So yes the Mavens were a little depressed with those ratings but to be fair, there is a MASSIVELY large writing community out there and the romance genre is one of the biggest so to place as well as they did is an AWESOME achievement. Make sure to give them a hand for their work, okay?

There is another annual Readers Choice Award, from Love Romances and More, called The Golden Rose. Authors who win this award are again nominated and voted on for their particular books. This year Rebecca was nominated for her FABULOUS book THE B*E*A*S*T WITHIN in the best paranormal romance category, and Donica was nominated in the inspirational category for her novella DO OVERS. To vote for these ladies please go to http://www.loveromancesandmore.com/goldenrosevoting.htm and for those not familiar with the voting procedure please see the next paragraph.

Click on the link provided and you will see an opening page that has two buttons in the middle. One is cast your vote and one is a Bravenet vote caster. (This is for people with bravenet accounts.) Select the cast your vote button and scroll through the list. The Inspirational Category is near the bottom of the page. Every vote counts and you may only vote once but maybe you’ll fond a couple of other favorites on there. The B*E*A*S*T Within is in the third category down, BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE. Then towards the bottom of the page is the INSPIRATIONAL category where DO OVERS is listed.

Hopefully the Mavens won’t be gone so long at a time! See you soon!

The Magic Mavens

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