Monday, March 26, 2007


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This next month promises to be very busy for me. I've got my first round of edits for Callye's Justice that will roll in early April. I'll work on those diligently and send htem back with the expectation of receiving another round and possibly a third. Rebecka has reased me on the three rounds because one of her books went through eight (or was it nine?) rounds of edits. I hope I don't have that many!

I learned that Callye's Justice isn't up to the word count limit for the print program at Samhain. I was very disappointed but there is still a chance for me to make it. As soon as I get the edits in I'll be able to better gauge where I can make additions and what needs to be cut. Please keep your fingers crossed that I make it!

Betraying Chase was causing me fits of lexiconstipation but a good dose of muselax hit me last week and I added almost 20K to the manuscript! YAY ME! LOL I'm just hoping that I can continue the flow.

I also sent in the proposal for my Elemental Desires series and the complete manuscript of The Tides of Maryna's Love to my new editor. I'm not sure when she'll have time to get to it, but I know it's on her list. As soon as I know I'll be announcing it. If its a yes you'll hear my happy shouting echoing off every mountain and in each valley. If its a no the cries will be heard in space!

Off to get some writing done!


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