Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome to the New Year

I’ve got a goal and plan set for 2007. No resolutions per se more like long-term goals. These include being more organized, using my time more wisely, being more prolific in my writing, focusing on one book at a time as opposed to being side tracked by every little thought bubble that pops in my brain.

To that end I’ve got a really great Harley Davidson calendar (my SIL gave me for Christmas) nicely marked. Mondays and Wednesdays are my personal blog days. My website will be updated immediately following my newsletter release. I will write 1250 words per day, 6250 words per week 12500 words per month. Using this calculation I should have a book title completed every other month. These books will be critic and polished and sent out in timely manner.

Out of the 20+ book ideas I have in the works I chose five, that’s right ONLY five to focus on and have completed by the end of the year. Here is the list with the self-imposed deadlines:

Betraying Chase (book 2 in Gateway Guardians series) February 22nd.
Love Put the Bite On Me April 24th.
Ember’s Flame (book 3 in Elemental Desires Series) June 25th
Hunting Mickey (book 3 in Gateway Guardians series) August 24th
Finding Tara’s Heart (book 4 of Elemental Desires series) October 31st

Will I be able to achieve my goals? I truly hope so. I haven’t set unrealistic goals at all. And if I succeed in completing all 5 books I’ll have written (pulls off socks and shoes. grabs calculator, Chinese bead board and graphing calculator) an estimated total word count of 285000 words! (Any mathematicians out there who want to check my calculations? My math skills are less than perfect! LOL) WOW! Looking at that has me a little freaked out but I know how it will all break down so I’m not worried. Basically if I can write 5 little pages a day, every workday then I’ll reach my goal.

Now that I have the plan, I need to set it in motion. I’ll come and post my progress every once in a while!

Huggles and Happy Reading to you all!

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