Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Progress on my sequel

Funny the things that help you get unstuck. Today was my first day back at the "day job." I teach, so it was an inservice day. For us that means a lot of "play." We spend an hour or two going over basic information for the new year, then we are divided into groups and we play. Today's game was reality TV and we staged a mock jeopardy game. All fun stuff. Then another hour of information, then lunch.

In the past we've held first day inservices at a camp, but today we were at the rec-center at the local college. So after lunch, we were given an hour to roam the rec-center at will and play by ourselves. Well, the writer in me curled into a comfy chair and started to brainstorm.

Amazing how a different setting can free your mind. I started to write on my antique laptop (the trusty ole spiral notebook - so, yeah, that means longhand) and before I knew it, I'd come up with one scene and one full chapter to add to A Noble Sacrifice. I'm sooo pumped. At present, the rough is finished, but I only have 80,000 words and a few holes to plug. This chapter will add action, but more importantly will help bridge the gap between "she doesn't want him" to "she's in love." Sigh. I need a box of tissues.

After the hour of play, we went back for more information and jeapordy, but all I could think of was how I was going to write those scenes and in whose POV.

I came home and immediately turned on the computer and added the brief scene. After supper and a bit of SVU, I sat down and wrote two pages on the additional chapter and it's really good. Whoo hoo. Okay, so off to finish it. I just needed a break to share my enthusiasm.


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Becka said...

That's wonderful, Ciara! I'm constantly plotting. I daydream alot, and my daydreams are my plotting. I plot in the shower, when I'm laying in bed, when I'm on the computer, and sometimes even when I'm watching TV. I can never turn my brain off.

I have page upon page of notes that I took for THE WOLVERINE AND THE ROSE when I used to work in an office many years ago. All written on company time. LOL

Too funny.


(The Wolverine and the Rose is currently unpublished, however, being queried at both Mundania Press and Samhain Publishing.)