Saturday, December 06, 2008

Fairwell RWA...for now

Today was my last RWA chapter meeting, and I left with mixed emotions. I've been part of RWA for approx ten years, and I've enjoyed every year. Two years ago I was President of my chapter, and before that I volunteered in other positions. I've always helped with the contests, and this year I coordinated three categories. YIKES! That was a challenge, but I made friends along the way and had fun. Today in my chapter meeting, I was presented the "Service Award". It brought tears to my eyes. I wasn't expecting that. What an honor! And it makes it harder to leave my friends and the ladies in this group.

Every month in our chapter meeting, we're given treats if we finish a book, or if we are rejected by a publisher or agent. (yes, treats because we are working toward our goals!) This month I was proud to raise my hand to both. I was able to finish a book - my first ghost story called Love Only Once. As soon as my crit group finishes with this, I'm sending it to an agent who has already shown interest. (grins)

I realized today, that if I hadn't been with Romance Writers of American, I might not have had the courage to keep plugging away. I wouldn't have dusted myself off after those awful rejections and keep querying other stories and other publishers / agents. Being with other writers has helped me tremendously. If you're not with a writer's group, I highly encourage you to join one. Nobody else knows your sorrows or your joys relating to writing. It's totally worth it!


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