Saturday, October 04, 2008

I got tagged!

One of my best friends, Phyllis Campbell, tagged me. She's been my critique partner for years and a fabulous writer and one of the magic mavens! So now, I need to think of 6 things about myself and share with you all.

1. I have the most wonderful family in the world. Both kids are now in college and make me proud each and everyday. My husband is my soulmate and my best friend. And my mother, she's golden. She's my best promoter.

2. I can count the number of jobs I've had on both hands and then some. I've been a babysitter, a waitress, a janitor (for a church), a sales clerk for art supplies, a sales clerk for fabric, a dental assistance (one of my more interesting endeavors), a receptionist, a librarian, a teacher, an artist, an editor, and a writer.

3. I keep the website for two organizations; Northwest Houston RWA and Brazos Valley Art Education Association.

4. I'm hopelessly addicted to chocolate but I'm trying to wean myself. (Of course you couldn't tell by the amount I consumed today, though)

5. When it comes to art, I'm a sponge for new ideas and media, but my favorite medium is printmaking.

6. I"m a great cook. My daughter wants me to open a restaurant. Sheesh, I could do that in my spare time. No worries. My favorite dish to eat is shish kabobs, but my favorite to cook is stuffed pork chops with mash potatoes, stewed apples and pumpkin pie.Yum

So now I need to pick six people to tag. So ....

Kimber Chin has to be my idol right now. She has the energy of three people and is one of the most positive people you'll ever meet. On top of that, she's a wonderful writer. I LOVED Breach of Trust.

Vicki Gaia is one of my crit partners and a great friend. She writes fabulous stories which rich backgrounds. I love her work.

Rayka Mennen is one of my dearest friends and a great crit partner. I love the way she weaves a story together and I wish she'd hurry up and write more!

Linda LaRoque has a fabulous story in progress that I've had the honor of critiquing. I can't wait for her to finish it. And she has a book coming out soon called Forever Faithful.

Diana Castilleja is a member of the Texas Authors of Romantic Fiction and dynamite on wheels. I adore her for the efforts she makes on our behalf and she's also a talented writer.

Linda Mooney is another member of Texas ARF and an inspiration. Like me, she teaches school and still finds time to be a multi-published author of romantic fiction. I enjoy her work as she writes fabulous stories.

Donica Covey is another talented writer who was the instigator of the Magic Mavens. She's a great friend who keeps us all organized and on track with our newsletter.

Becka Goings amazes me with her ability to promote. Her books consitantly get great reviews and sell well.

PS. There were a ton of authors I would have liked to have tagged but Phyllis nabbed up three of the ones I'd chosen and Ginger Simpson had already been tagged and I couldn't find a website for Rebecca Savage. The others don't blog.


Kimber Chin said...

Ohh... that is SO nice!
Ironic too because my energy was running low.
This definitely gave me a boost!

Rayka Mennen said...

Hi Ciara
You are too kind! Ditto my friend :)
Rayka Mennen