Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Writing, Reading and Relaxing

Well the holidays are rapidly approaching and the year will soon come to an end. Have you all accomplished everything you’d wanted to in 2006? I feel as if I missed my mark by a little bit.

I’ve written two complete books in my witch series. (I’m still waiting for the release date of the debut book.) I’ve written and submitted book one in another series and I’m anxiously awaiting the yea or nay answer. I’ve had two novellas scheduled for release. Do Overs came out a month ahead of schedule, October 31st to be precise. Dear Micah, my second novella was slated for release in the anthology Christmas Grace but there has been a change in plans. Dear Micah will be released in an anthology titled Stocking Stuffers. Check out By Grace's website, http://www.bygracepublishing.com/ to see the GREAT cover for Stocking Stuffers! Anyway, I’m hoping that next year my release calendar will be filled and that I will have accomplished much more.

Christmas this year is coming to swiftly for me as well. I’m nowhere near prepared. This week I’m baking, decorating, and transporting the meal on Thursday to my in-laws. Then Friday is my side of the family feast so once more I’m baking, decorating and transporting foodstuffs.

I’m also going to take advantage of this time to relax. I’ve done a lot of writing over the past several months. My recent projects have been children’s books for my nephews. Writing and illustrating them has proven to be a BLAST! If I ever decide to quit my “day job” (writing romance) I may just have to write kid’s books for serious attempts at publication.

I’m going to pick up the books from my ever growing to be read pile and read, hopefully knocking down the pile by at least half. Then I’m going to do nothing but veg with my family in front of the tube. My favorite shows should soon be broadcasted. The animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas, all the Rankin Bass animation stories (Those not familiar with the names these are the shows like Frosty the Snowman, Santa Clause is coming to town, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, Rudolph’s Shiny New Year, The night Before Christmas, etc.) Also time to pull out my FAVORITE Christmas CD, Have Yourself a Scary Little Christmas by the Cryptkeeper. I’m a very NONtraditional person when it comes to Christmas. Can you tell? LOL

Well I’m curious, do any of you feel as if you’ve missed your 2006 goals by this >< much? Are you cooking tons of food? Are you traveling? Do you have favorite menus or just items for the holidays? How about programs, special music? Traditions?

Pick one or all and help us get to know you better! Curious minds want to know!

Off to the races!


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Ciara Gold said...

Goals, what goals? LOL. Yep, I think I threw most of my goals out the window, but I did get a few things accomplished. We aren't going anywhere for he holidays. It will be pretty low-key around here, but here's wishing everyone else a great holiday.