Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lots of news

Well lets see. The Magic Mavens event went just wonderfully! We had alot of participation, alot of warm welcomes and gave them lots to read! Thank you Bryn for allowing us to enjoy a week with y'all!

In my personal news, I recently submitted a query to Samhain for a book, first in a series, with a team of DEA agents as the heroes. I am pleased and thrilled to announce that they have requested a full and I'm very VERY hopeful that I will soon see an acceptance letter offering me a contract on the book(s).

The release of my first witch in the Elemental Desires series, Storm Chasing, has been delayed due to computer issues but there is every reason to believe that it will not be long before it's here. They did release my first inspirational, a novella, Do Overs a month ahead of schedule! YAY! I enjoyed writing the book and I'm looking forward to hearing how much it was enjoyed by my readers.

The next edition of the Magic Mavens newsletter will go out this upcoming week so if you haven't yeat signed up for our newsletter we invite you to join now so that you don't miss out on the fun, contests we have every other newsletter edition, and all the news that's "fit to print" LOL

I'll see you all next time!

Huggles and Happy reading!
Donica Covey

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