Sunday, September 17, 2006


Today was a perfect day for sailing. The wind blew steadily across the lake. We took two sunfish out to a small lake in central Texas. Juniper trees grew in abundance separated by an occasional pine tree or oak tree. The water was down due to lack of rainfall in the area which gave us more "beach" area than usual. After rigging both boats, my son and husband went out first. No sooner than they left, a man approached my daughter and I. He wanted cigarettes. I told him we didn't smoke. Then he wanted beer. I tried to be very confident in answering him and he finally left, but the incident left me a bit shaken. When the boys came back, I told them what had happened and from that point on, one of the boys always stayed behind.

I went out on the boat with my husband and enjoyed a rather stiff wind. Puffers made it necessary for me to lean pretty far out to balance the boat. We had to wait for calmer wind to make our first tack. He swung the tiller away from him, I ducked and shifted positions, and the boom came across the pit. There's not a lot of room for two people on a sunfish, but we managed.

While the kids and my husband sailed, I took the opportunity to write. I had the antique laptop (spiral notebook) with me and a wealth of atmosphere. I didn't actually write much, but I did jot down notes for a possible new plot. I love quiet days. I'm most productive on quiet days.

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